• Specialized Litigation Support

    “The true triumph of reason is that it enables us to get along with those who do not possess it.”


  • What We Do

    We specialize in scientific and medical expert services, research, document review, discovery planning, and audio/visual design and presentation for litigation.

    We now offer open source intelligence (OSINT) analysis as a one-time or retained service.

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    Expert Support

    Find + Understand + Apply

    Find, retain, and coordinate case-related projects with experts from a wide range of scientific and medical backgrounds.

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    Research Services

    Research + Science + Analysis

    We provide a full suite of research services and topic areas including: document review, emerging scientific issues, literature reviews, pre-liminary intake/pathology reviews, discovery research, and litigation trend analysis.

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    Litigation Graphics & Video

    Story + Vision + Credibility

    We will help develop your most effective trial presentation strategy through collaboration and design for litigation graphics and demonstrative evidence in the courtroom.

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    Technical Trial Support

    Preparation + Focus

    We offer trial technical support services. Contact us for scheduling and for complete list of trial-tech services.

  • OSINT Analysis

    Utilizing our advanced open source data gathering tools and techniques, our team conducts behavioral and operational analysis of key litigants, opposing counsel, corporations and expert witnesses.

  • Why It Works

    We help you understand the science so you can focus on the law. We can get you the information you need before hiring an expert.


    We only do a few things.


    We do them very well.


    We play well with your staff.

  • Profiles

    Meet our directors

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    Ellen Conner Ph.D

    Science Research Specialist

    Ph.D Cellular and Molecular Biology

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    Sean Conner

    Director of Litigation Services

  • Cases

    We specialize in mass tort litigation and other civil actions.

    Medical Devices

    Product Liability

    Life Sciences

    Medical Malpractice

  • Connect With Us

    Email us. Give us a call.

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